Expiration dates are easy to overlook and ignore. Does anyone check the
expiration dates for beef jerky or pasta noodles?
Like that cup of mixed berry yogurt, toner and ink cartridges come with
expiration dates that are kind of important to pay attention to. Especially
when it comes to storage and usage.
The truth of the matter is that the workings of it can be rather tricky. For
example, once an ink cartridge expires the integrity of the ink goes downhill
rather fast.
On the other hand, after a toner cartridge expires you may get a few more
years of use if it was stored properly.
While an expiration date will forever be looming over your cartridges, it
may seem like there’s nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable.
But that’s not true. Proper storage of the cartridges can make a huge
For both, make sure you keep them in their original packaging. Store in a
cool temperature-controlled environment.
For the Toner:
-Make sure it’s lying flat and not upright
-In an area free of dust
-Nowhere near where corrosive gas
For the ink Cartridge:
-Store in an upright position
-In a dark area free of sunlight
-Keep the cartridge sealed